Festival 2019

After a fascinating decade of creating more Love, Peace & Harmony, we want to celebrate the results of the efforts that our ecological society made. Therefore Recycled Creativity Festival #10 is taking place again at our beloved Wagenburg Lohmühle!

The 10 year anniversary will be themed “Die Früchte ernten” (“Harvest the fruits”) and will serve a juicy program, offering you: practical workshops, generous initiatives, affectionate music and eye-catching art! Come pick fruits on our Fest by learning new tricks, meeting like minded people and spoiling your eyes and ears with joy... You, me >> WE! ⚮

  • Recycling↬Reuniting
  • Waste Reduction↬Life Growth
  • Upcycling↬Upgrading
  • Sustainability↬Responsibility

Wander around the website for more information!


❃ Proceed improving our lives ❃

Call for workshops

You want to share your knowledge, experiences, ideas and grow together like the delicious fruits and plants who live in a symbiotic und sustainable coexistence?

You are welcome to offer - practical workshops

If you are interested please send the following information to judith@genug.org

Call for volunteers

Do you want to be part of our lovely team? If you are interested in being a volunteer (driving force of this festival) send an email to: eli.olidgavira@gmail.com or


Lock picking with Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik

Also re-used from previous Recycled Festival editions will be the Locks picking workshop with sports fan Frank from the Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik. Frank will explain the legal framework, show some techniques of opening locks in a non-destructive way and implement what we've learnt under his expert guidance by opening many locks for fun! Bring your own unusable locks to the workshop - recycle it!

Time: t.b.a.

Bacteria Bar von Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory

To celebrate the collaboration with Trial & Error, Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory opens the Bacteria Bar once again! A chance to meet and taste microorganisms in the form of natural sodas, water kefir, ginger beer and kombucha. It will be a bubbly, interactive, effervescent experience. Their bar is stocked with naturally carbonated beverages made with flower petals, spices, saps and roots. They have foraged and gathered ingredients from various garden projects in and around Berlin to brew these cocktails, including wild yeasts harvested from the air.

Time: 2-6 p.m.

Yellow Question Mark

Theater workshop
What happens when we recycle movements, feelings, needs?
Playing with non-violent communication and impro-theater, the participants of the Loesje Women’s Empowerment Training Course “Still raining / we climb the rainbow anyway” invite you for a playful contact experiment.
Find the yellow question mark...

Time: 2-4 p.m.

ZeroWaste Game mit Leila Berlin

Let's create a cool ZeroWaste-game together under guidance of Nikolai from leila-berlin.de and the re-use platform berlin.cosum.de! We aim for creativity and interaction, so please bring your competitive ZeroWaste-ideas to make this game possible! Go crazy and wild to surprise us...

3 p.m. The game creation...
4 p.m. The first game round starts!
5 p.m. The second gaming round moves on!

Time: 3-6 p.m.


Once again we open our pop up swapshop for you. No matter if you're looking for a rain jacket or your next party outfit (or nothing at all) - come in and check out what treasure we have for you. We also accept small amounts of clothes.

Time: 12-8 p.m.

An activism a day..." by grillo|kollektiv

One of the cool workshops at the Recycled Creativity Festival will be "An activism a day..." by grillo|kollektiv! In a simple way rejected bike tubes, some glue, a piece of wood and a little skill are turned into reusable stamps. With the stamps they produce patches which upcycle any boring shirt into an unique eye-catcher. No matter if it's a political statement or your favorite animal on the extinction list - you decide what inspires you and what you want everyone to see!

Time: 4-6 p.m.

Kulturlabor T&E invites you to: the Trash tempel

open workshops and talks from 15 to 20 h
Confession both // confess your trash dilemmas
Trash Talks // ways to consume less trash
Climate change // reasons of procrastination

Time: 3-8 p.m.

Intergenerational trashathon

prototyping trash
kids-toys workshops
textile upcycling deluxe
with cute chill-out elements
Tent Temple Wiese

Time: t.b.a.



Sachin°°° is a DJ, Event Planner, Dancer and Track 'Additor'. His sound is mainly a dynamic mixture of Progressive, Deep, Melodic, Multicultural and Rave Tech House & Techno. For the sake of loving music, he also dares to experiment with other electronic genres such as Downtempo, Breaks, Ambient & Trip Hop with the strong presence of Spiritual, Emotional, Vocal & Tribal elements. During his vivid DJ gigs he often spins exceptional Tracks on which he added extra Sounds and performs unique Dances that leave your eyes gazing for more...


Atmospheric, organic and folkloric deepness in all sounds are some of the characteristics of this Peruvian DJ and producer who left a 5 years career as a lawyer in the city of Lima (Peru) behind to express his musical creativity and environmental awareness in the fascinating city of Berlin. Mezkalito explores a vast space of sound-imagination with influences of many rhythms and styles of Latino-American tradition and folklore with current electronic music.

Sophie Trost Combo

We are excited to present Sophie Trost Combo! With the help of the clarinettist Marco De Rosa, the contrabass player Leo(nardo) Daloiso and the percussionist Luis Vargas, the songwriter and guitarist Sophie Trost is very happy that her songs sound the way she always wanted! The three musicians enrich Sophie's songs with influences from klezmer, jazz, bossa nova, reggae, Eastern European folklore and more. Contrabassist Leo(nardo) Daloiso has dedicated himself to jazz for some time and has made enormous progress in this genre. The autodidact Marco De Rosa provides catchy soulful tunes with his clarinet. Luis Vargas was previously a drummer in rock bands and now enjoys using Sophie Trost Combo to play more subtle and diverse rhythms and to expand his percussion sets. The acoustic music of Sophie Trost Combo is often a bit melancholic, but at the same time dance-able and leaves room for improvisation.

Sophie Trost - Songwriting, Vocals & Guitar
Marco De Rosa - Clarinet
Leo Daloiso - Contrabass
Luis Vargas - Percussion


Roberto Andrés

Roberto Andrés is a creative force, constantly on the move! Originally from Chile, he decided at an early age to travel around the globe and make his home everywhere he goes... Since he lives in Berlin, Andrés is determined to perform on every available stage to send his music out into the world! The guy is constantly working on new material and loves merging electronic music with acoustic and pop sounds. His songs deal with themes like climate change, fake news, social media anxiety, toxic masculinity, modern love, rebelliousness and the power of unity.

Paul Hoyle

Born in Lima, Paul Hoyle is a singer-songwriter, performer and producer from Peru currently based in Berlin. Surrounded by music from an early age and touched by the richness of the Afro Peruvian rhythms, he became a young cajón player. Soon after he became a cajón and bass player for many bands like Big Pollo, Desiré Mandrile, Chicha Morais and more, getting the chance to share stage with Donavon Frankenreiter, Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base) and well known Peruvian artists. In 2015, he released his first EP, ‘Colours’, inspired by artists and was invited to play in Thailand, Mexico and to a big number of venues, cities and platforms in Peru. In 2018, inspired by Susana Baca’s unique Afro Peruvian sound and Indie Folk songwriters, he decides to make his debut album called ‘Tiempo Libre’ (Free Time). This album explores the mixtures of Indie folk’s soundscapes with Afro Peruvian rhythms. He has been invited to play in Munich, Bamberg and Nuremberg and in the meanwhile growing his audience in Berlin’s artistic scene.



A few years ago Pivi started painting bodies and faces with joyful colors and shiny glitters, creating a beautiful look perfect to uplift the ambiance of any event! Nowadays she also adds feathers, diamonds and neon colors to elevate her work. Pivi even has a cool mobile makeup table made of recycled wood that was found on the Berliner streets. She only uses no Pak, perfume free, vegan, kid friendly, gluten and cruelty free makeup/paint products and biodegradable glitter. Pivipainting... a true makeover fairy for younger and older ladies and gentlemen!



Scarlett Flamingo is a high energy hoop dancer with a mesmerizing flow. She fuses dance with hula hoop tricks to create a truly unique style of hula hooping. She is the founder of Hoop Plus Fit where she teaches fitness hooping, tricks and hoop dance. In 2007 she began her hoop journey, focusing mainly on on-body hoop dance and flow. She began performing in 2010 at Proud Camden and since then has brightened many stages with her hypnotic hoop dance.

Ayaka Hata Art

Ayaka Hata is a Japanese painter based in Berlin. Her artwork often contains messages and motifs of positivity and freedom with lots of colors and geometric patterns. Her mission as an artist is to spread the positiveness and make people's lives more vibrant as she believes colors have a huge impacts on us.


Roope Luokkamäki

Roope Luokkamäki is an electronic music producer and DJ born in Finland, currently conquering the ears and hearts of Berliner music lovers with his Melodic Deep House and Tech House style. Never afraid to experiment, he throws in sets containing also Disco grooves, Dirty floor killers, Ethnic records and Progressive tunes. Ears wide open, feet from the ground!




Lohmühle (Main Festival Location)
Wagenburg Lohmühle / Lohmühlenstrasse 17 / 12435 Berlin

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Recycled Creativity Festival #10 - “Die Früchte ernten”

Saturday 7th of September @ Wagenburg Lohmühle - Lohmühlenstraße 17, 12435 Berlin

Start 12:00 - 22:00 - Indoor After Party - Open End!